Warrensburg NY

Town Board Meetings
Second Wednesdays
7 p.m.

Warrensburg Town Board Special Meeting Wednesday, February 28, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. at the Albert Emerson Town Hall.


Warrensburg Town Hall

Warrensburg Town Hall

Town of Warrensburg Board

The Town Board led by the Town Supervisor is the legislative body governing Warrensburg.
Members of the Town Board are assigned chairmanships or membership on the various committees of the Town.
Those assignments are found by clicking on the Board Member's name.Town of Warrensburg Board, 2012
Left to Right: 2017  board John Alexander, Bryan Rounds, Supervisor Kevin Geraghty, Joyce Reed, Linda Baker Marcella

Supervisor - Kevin B. Geraghty

Deputy Supervisor/Councilman - John S. Alexander

Councilwoman - Linda Baker Marcella

Councilman - Bryan Rounds

Councilwoman - Donne Lynn Winslow

Town Clerk - Donna Combs

Highway Superintendent - G. Edward Pennock


Assessor's Office
Dog Control
Highway Department
Planning and Code Enforcement
Town Clerk
Town Court
Water and Sewer Department